Paragliding in Alicante

Stories about all my adventures flying paragliding in Alicante in Tamden and solo glider.

Would you marry me ?

Tamden Paragliding in AlicantePosted by Juan Carlos Becerra Sat, September 16, 2017 19:06:12

When Samuel called me and explained to me that he wanted to ask Alba if she wants to marry him flying paragliding in Alicante, what I thought was my Ohh my god, I confess that these things make me nervous, not because of the flight itself, but because everything must turn out well but can become a disaster.

We coordinate everything, we would arrive and we would leave his car in the place where we landed, soon to go up in our van to the takeoff.

Alba knew nothing, the marriage was a secret, we only knew Maria my wife Samuel and me.

Once in the take off then explain in detail everything they need to fly in paragliding.

As I was agreed first I flew with Samuel, the flight was spectacular, with the help of a nice thermal quickly climbed more than 1000 meters and was super pleasant,

but for more that I tried, I could only think that everything would work out well and Alba would say yes.

We landed with a gentle south wind, okay Samuel came the time to prepare everything.

Maria arrives to look for us and Samuel is in charge of preparing everything, a banner and balloons for Alba.

Ready we are again in the takeoff now with Alba.

Ready We took off, the thermal and an exceptional flight, the truth that we enjoyed it very much, and more relaxed we started our flight with roller coasters including, we arrived landing perfect, right next to the banner and a Samuel that with ring in hand and knees asks Alba, would you marry me?


Wooooow, We in Summer Paragliding are very happy to be part of this love story, and we wish them endless happiness .